Sunday, August 9, 2009

Long Time Gone

I warned you from the beginning that my postings would be sporadic. But even I must admit that this borders on the ridiculous. Nothing posted since May? This is no way whatsoever to build a loyal following. I must apologize but I do have my reasons. In the past couple of months I've moved, worked a rotating schedule five days a week, had family obligations, had chores at home and just helped my wife put together a party for our one year old daughter. This is literally the first time I've been on the computer at home for at least a month. The good news though is that my schedule at work has just changed so that I now am off half the month (unless I work any overtime) so that I have a lot more time to do things I enjoy. Theoretically. So, stick with me and I'll try to be a little more consistent. I hope.

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