Thursday, August 13, 2009

Man Vs. Animal

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I like dogs and most other animals. I don't believe in cruelty to animals. I think pets are great and can be a wonderful addition to a person's life. However, I do not believe that animals are more important than humans. The best animal is less important than the vilest human alive. Humans are gifted above every other creature on earth. I don't know why (this isn't a post about theology). My reason for bringing this all up is Michael Vick. Even if you don't follow football you likely know about Vick. He's the guy who just spent 2 years (give or take) in a federal prison for his part in a dog-fighting ring. Don't get me wrong, I think dog-fighting is a despicable thing. Any sport that pits one living thing against another in a fight to the death is reprehensible. But there are people out there (and I suspect most of them are card carrying PETA members) who act like Vick committed mass genocide. These individuals are in an uproar that Vick is out of jail and free to return the NFL, provided a team signs him. Which looks like it may happen this week. The level of the crime does not match the punishment some people want him to receive. There are those who think he should never be able to play football again. Why? If he had worked at McDonald's before he went to jail would they want him never to flip a burger again? The fact that he has a unique skill should not hinder him from earning a living. I really can't understand the venom that some people feel towards him. There are individuals in the league that have killed people and are still playing (last I checked: Leonard Little of the St. Louis Rams. Look it up). Ray Lewis admitted to being an accomplice to covering up a murder and he's still playing football. Even today it was announced that Donte Stallworth, a receiver for the Cleveland Browns, would be suspended for the season. He killed someone while driving drunk and did a month in prison. Vick did more time than that for betting on some dog fights. Does that seem like an equal punishment? Yet some people are screaming at the top of their lungs that Vick should never play football again. I don't hear these people screaming about the injustice of Stallworth one day playing professionally again. It's sad that people's priorities are so screwed up. Vick did his time. Leave him alone.

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